IT WORKS! Simplypure Scalp Serum

Treat your scalp to healthier hair and less breakage.

Simplypure Scalp Serum is designed to help you achieve the hair of your dreams with shiny, full, healthy-looking hair. This lightweight, leave-in serum features clinically studied ingredient AnaGain™ to help reduce hair breakage and shedding while nourishing your scalp and volumizing your hair.

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Features and Benefits
Nourishes scalp for healthier hair quality
Promotes hair vitality at the root
Helps reduce hair shedding
Detangles, volumizes, and visibly increases shine
Removes build-up from other hair products

How to Use
For the best results, work Simplypure into your daily routine!

Use once daily – in the morning or at night.
Apply a few drops* directly to your scalp and massage – do not rinse out.
Hair can be wet, dry, or styled.
This is a leave-in product! Once applied, style your hair as usual.

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