It Works! Carb Control

Curb your carbs and find blood-sugar balance.

Pair your meals with peace of mind with It Works! Carb Control. Featuring results-driven ingredients, It Works! Carb Control helps control the impact of carbs on your body to reduce the accumulation of unwanted fat. It works immediately with first use, so you can worry less about hidden sugars and starches in your food and cut yourself some slack. It also does double-duty by helping maintain blood-sugar balance, keeping your blood-glucose levels healthy. Enjoy an indulgence and leave your carb concerns behind with It Works! Carb Control.

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Features and Benefits

  • • Slows and controls your body’s sugar and starch digestion—from the first use.
  • • Minimizes the onset of carb-induced body fat and weight gain.
  • • Replaces carb-induced spikes and crashes with slower, balanced glucose absorption and level energy.
  • • Features marine-sourced, organically certified InSea2, clinically proven to control your body’s response to carbs.
  • • Perfect for Keto enthusiasts and anyone keeping an eye on carb intake.
  • • Non-GMO, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, Keto-friendly, Soy-free, Vegan.

Suggested Use/h3>

  • • Help your body block sugars and starches by taking one caplet 30 minutes before moderate carb meals or two caplets before heavier carb consumption.
  • • Do not exceed two caplets per day.
  • • Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

What are carbs and how can It Works! Carb Control help me?

  • • Carbohydrates are everywhere—not just in your pasta.
  • • They’re hidden in everyday foods and drinks, and they give you cravings.
  • • Have you ever eaten a bag of chips, felt temporarily satisfied, yet found yourself hungry, agitated, and low on energy again just a few hours later? That’s a glycemic stress cycle fueled by carbs.
  • • Carbs spike your blood sugar, forcing your body to overreact with an insulin surge that tries to push circulating glucose into cells.
  • • That excess glucose must go somewhere, and in many cases, it ultimately converts to body fat and weight gain.
  • • It Works! Carb Control works to minimize glycemic stress.
  • • Each powerful caplet, with clinically proven InSea2, slows carb digestion and absorption in your body to lessen blood-sugar spikes.
  • • You’ll experience more, balanced energy and less carb-induced body fat as a result.

Suggested Use/h3>

  • • You’ll experience optimal results by combining It Works! Carb Control with a healthy diet that’s not regularly heavy with carbs.
  • • This product optimizes a healthy diet in which some carbs can still slip through.
  • • It also helps with an occasional indulgence!

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